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Museum Quality Ironwork Wall Lights

– Here are some photos of the 11 wall lights Ad-Tech so expertly E-coated and Powder coated for us.

The coating was so even and was just the right mil thickness to let the textures on the hand forged parts come through. There are a dozen sections and parts that all had to fit together and are joined with black stainless steel button head screws.

Every part fit perfectly, no heavy powder coat , no drips. We spent a great deal of time making the lights so they would go together correctly and be exactly the same. 

We turned these very expensive, museum quality ironwork over to Ad-Tech and your expert Coaters did exactly what we hoped for.

Eric M

powder coating heat lamp
Custom Outdoor Sconce Light
ecoat iron lamp
ecoat powder coating lamp
powder coating large item
black e-coat finished product