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This Is How Committed Are We To Quality Control

Here at Ad-Tech we take quality very serious. Becoming ISO 9001 certified was one step towards our dedication to our customers to make sure our internal standards are above that of common industry standards. Why ISO 9001? Learn more about ISO Standards

It starts with our people. In the Quality Control Department we have dedicated QC Inspectors at every line that have been trained to find any defects that may arise. Our QC technicians are trained with our floor personnel before moving into the role of Quality Control Technician. Having the right people is just the start.

We are able to maintain a 99.95% Quality Metric dating back to 2000. How is this all possible? Let us tell you!

Titration on every line, every shift ensures our pre-treatments are inline. We also prove out our pre-treatment levels using outside independent tier 1 sources monthly.

About Our Quality Team

The Ad-Tech quality control team consists of over 10 trained and certified people dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. They care about the quality of your parts just as much as you do. Therefore, we keep a wide range of testing equipment in house to ensure that your finished product will look great and withstand the conditions it will be subject to.

Our Quality Policy

Ad-Tech Quality Policy

At Ad-Tech, we are committed to an excellence that understands and meets or exceeds the safety, quality, and value requirements of our customers and stakeholders alike. Through collaboration, Ad-Tech team members will continuously improve our quality management system to consistently deliver quality coatings and value added services, as well as create a positive and rewarding work environment.

The Chemistry Behind the Paint

Titration Testing Lab

Titration – A titration is a technique where a solution of known concentration is used to determine the concentration of an unknown solution. Typically, the titrant (the know solution) is added from a buret to a known quantity of the analyte (the unknown solution) until the reaction is complete.
What is the basic principle of titration?
A typical titration is based on a reaction between a titrant and an analyte. The titrant of known concentration is gradually added to a precise volume of an unknown analyte until the reaction reaches an endpoint. At the endpoint, the moles of titrant and analyte are equal.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

We Offer a Variety of Tests to Ensure Quality Control

Ad Tech Testing Equipment for Quality Control
    • gloss
      • This test is performed using a gloss meter, which shines a light onto the surface of the part at a fixed angle, then measures the amount of light reflected off it.
    • adhesion testing (also known as the Cross Hatch test)
      • ASTM D3359 is a standard test methods for measuring adhesion by tape test. This test assesses the adhesion of film coatings to metallic substrates by applying and removing pressure-sensitive tape over cuts made in the film.
    • pencil hardness
      • The pencil hardness test, also referred to as the Wolff-Wilborn test, uses the varying hardness values of graphite pencils to evaluate a coating’s hardness.
    • film thickness
      • Checking film thickness with a Film Thickness Meter or Gauge looking for proper, consistent levels at several test points is a must. Ad-Tech’s QC team test parts on every run, reporting results back to the line team immediately.
    • salt-spray service
      • This test, also referred to as the PROHESION test, is used to test the relative resistance to corrosion of paints on steel when exposed to a changing climate of dilute salt spray.
    • color
    • light exposure
    • environment testing
    • Production Part Approval Process
    • and more!


We are dedicated to quality, working hard everyday to acquire and maintain certifications by some of the largest manufacturers in the world including: Generac, John Deere, Briggs and Stratton, Wacker Neuson, CAT, Harley Davidson and many more

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