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Liquid Coating

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Ad Tech Metal Liquid Coating

Our liquid coating service grants us the capability to paint virtually any substrate including:

    • all metals
    • plastic
    • wood
    • glass
    • fiberglass

The RO water used in our pretreatment process provide an excellent foundation for a superior corrosion resistant paint finish.

Our VOC and HAP compliant coatings include:

    • polyurethane
    • polyester
    • epoxy
    • air dry enamels
    • clear coat
    • nickel and copper coatings for EMI/RFI shielding

We also offer laser scale removal and custom racking to meet your production needs.

Line 1

  • 444 Foot Conveyor
  • 72″ high x 36″ wide x 96″ long
  • Parts up to 120″ long but not exceeding 4′ wide
  • 3 Spray Booths
  • 5-Stage Immersion System

Line 2

  • 96″ high x 72″ wide x 18′ long
  • 6000 lb. part capacity
Ad Tech Liquid Color Coating Watertown Wisconsin
Liquid Coating Service
Ad Tech Liquid Coating for metal, plastic, wood, glass and fiberglass